How to avoid getting on colleagues nerves

A recent survey by Primer Inn found that more than half (53%) of office workers find their colleagues less annoying when working remotely, while 38% found their colleagues to be just as annoying whether in the office or remote

“Though many organisations have returned to the office, many are working remotely, meaning work and communication still happen virtually for many,” said a Premier Inn spokesperson

“With decreased boundaries between home and work, and often many distractions at home, we’ve discovered a host of small annoyances when working with our colleagues remotely.”

The survey found these to be the most annoying EFH behaviours:

Being slow in responding to emails and/or direct messages

Background noise on Zoom or video calls and eating on camera

These were the most endearing:

Sending messages asking how you are

Quick replies to messages

Giving your full attention during zoom and video calls

This article is extracted from the local newspaper, written by Margaret Harris:

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