How to apply HR lesson from Covid

The pandemic has changed so much, not least the world of work, and companies need to ensure they are up to date with changes if they want to remain employers of choice

“Navigating the pandemic was a daunting task for employees and employers. The lifting of regulations signaled a welcome return to a semblance of normality. However, invaluable insights about ways of working, people management and health and safety protocols remain relevant,” says Cebile Xulu, human resources (HR) director for Sub-Saharan Africa at Mondelz International

She Advises:

  • During the pandemic HR’s role was elevated, and it makes sense for companies to ensure that HR is included in critical business conversations
  • Employee well-being should remain a business imperative, no matter the employees’ ranks
  • Companies need to view employee well-being as an investment, as those who feel valued are likely to be more engaged and productive, and HR departments need to foster agile, vibrant and responsive cultures

–Margaret Harris

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