How to address the Gender-gap

The gender gap remains stubbornly in place, with women globally earning less than men do, but the issue is about more than money and every company can make small changes to address it

 “It is not only a question of pay; however, as the presence of women in companies is still much smaller compared with that of men. In technology, the lack of women stems from a different approach to education,” says Kate Mollet, senior regional director at Commvault Africa

She Advises:

  • Gender equality has improved at school, so a better balance is possible in the world of work, though a broad systematic approach is required to effect real change
  • An important issue when dealing with the gender gap is ensuring better balance between work and home commitments, so women do not have to choose between the two
  • Businesses can offer flexible career paths that take into account the many roles women often have to play
  • Ensuring a more balanced approach to work benefits companies too as employees who feel heard and supported tend to be more productive and motivated

–Margaret Harris

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