Ensure New Recruits Feel Part of the Organisation

Image Supplied by Canva Article written by Margret Harris

A genuine onboarding process, with recruits properly integrated into an organisation, can ensure they begin their time on a positive note.

“[Onboarding] sets the tone for the employee’s relationship with an employer while they are with the company. A good start will help joiners become productive, immerse themselves in the culture and get comfortable with their new role,” says Jeff Ryan, MD of AWCape

He advises:

  • When employees start there is a better chance for them to develop good relationships with colleagues and managers, which increase the chances they will stay with the company;
  • When people working remotely, onboarding becomes more important as some may never visit the office;
  • An online onboarding process can ensure that all new employees – remote or in the office – go through the same process to feel part of the organisation;
  • An online process also allows you to tailor the programme to the needs of different workers; and
  • Onboarding ensures everyone’s details are captured accurately as there is time to check that forms are completed and details are correct.

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