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How to build resilience in the gig economy

reelance work has always been uncertain, but the pandemic has made it even more so Psychologist and executive coach Alan Ahlfeldt, who was part of a South African Freelancers’ Association workshop, says: “The vulnerability of freelancers is huge, which leads to people putting undue pressure on themselves.” He advises: Freelancers have autonomy but little certainty, which means adaptability, is crucial

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How to get your employees to relate to their office space

Those of us who are back at the office will agree the nature of the workspace affects our willingness to be there “Our workspaces reflect our work cultures. Office spaces purpose-designed for individual tasks, conferencing, eating and socialising reflect the values of the Organisations and shape the behaviour and interaction of the occupants,” says Space Sense Workplace strategy and change

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How to avoid getting on colleagues nerves

A recent survey by Primer Inn found that more than half (53%) of office workers find their colleagues less annoying when working remotely, while 38% found their colleagues to be just as annoying whether in the office or remote “Though many organisations have returned to the office, many are working remotely, meaning work and communication still happen virtually for many,”

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How to encourage staff to speak up

Companies that work on a culture that encourages people to speak up when something bothers them are stronger and more resilient than those that discourage dialogue, says Helen Vermaak, business director at The Human Edge She says, “These companies were able to make quick pivots to confront the need to change, creating a feeling of safety to talk about things

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How to benefit from lifelong learning

Companies that employ lifelong learners have the edge in a constantly changing environment “Lifelong learners will be the most important assets of tomorrow’s most successful businesses, helping them to grow and innovate at a time of rapid and constant change… BUT there is a shared responsibility between employers and employees while you can create an enabling environment and deliver the

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Remote working is likely to remain part of our lives even when we return to some version of normality, and this means companies need to maximise the benefits and minimise the disadvantages “For many people, social isolation, the lack of corporate structure and disruption of their support arrangements (such as schools closing for lockdowns) are beginning to bite,” says Jeff

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As the rollout of vaccinations gathers pace, employers are eager to know whether they can order employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19 “The Department of Labour has published guidelines stipulating that Covid-19 vaccinations can be made mandatory by employers, but this raises a number of questions, including whether or not any organisation can implement such a policy,” says Louise Woodburn,

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