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How to apply HR lesson from Covid

The pandemic has changed so much, not least the world of work, and companies need to ensure they are up to date with changes if they want to remain employers of choice “Navigating the pandemic was a daunting task for employees and employers. The lifting of regulations signaled a welcome return to a semblance of normality. However, invaluable insights about

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How to use retirees to address the skills Shortage

SA faces two apparently contradictory crises—high unemployment rate and a dire skills shortage. While solving the former is complex, the latter can be tackled by hiring retirees “Retired professionals possess the skills and experience to temporarily step into vacancies that would otherwise be difficult to fill and can ensure the transfer of skills to their younger counterparts,” says Wayne Alcock,

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How to Plan & Pay for Tertiary Education

Investing in your education could be the most important outlay you ever make, but it requires planning and commitment “An analysis of the national unemployment statistics makes it clear those with qualifications are far less likely to join unemployment queues. Education is vital and you will have the rest of your life to be grateful for making sacrifices now,” says

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